In today's uncertain times, LGM provides a real solution for;

Nonprofits, Entrepreneurs and Socially Minded Consumers. 



“Donations from the Cloud" tm

(100% of Donations at $0.00 Cost to the Non Profit)




Could you support a business that provides the following:

1. Increase the number of Small Businesses in your local community by; helping entrepreneurs establish a online business.
2. Increase the number of Jobs in your local community by; increasing the number of businesses that hire employees.
3. Increase the Tax Revenues for your local community by; increasing local sales revenues.
4. Strengthen the Financial status of local Small Businesses by; increasing the number of socially responsible buyers of their products and services that have proven to pay more for products associated with a cause.
5. Strengthen the Financial where with all of Local Charities by; having the storeowners pledge a percentage of purchase and donate it to their favorite local charity. 100% of donation at Zero cost to the Charity.. how do you beat that?
6. That reinvest in the local community by supporting youth mentorship ministries by; selecting those ministries that are effective in lifting young adults out of a dysfunctional environment and supports their personal growth as a productive citizen.

Can you get behind an organization that can do this for your community? Well if so, support the Local Giving Mall.



Our Mission is to have a LGM in every city in the USA!



Please help us get the word out and encourage all non profits, churches, local entrepreneurs and civic leaders to activate "Donations from the Cloud" and bring hope to the city buy lifting people up while expanding Conscious Capitalism... 

These days require creative solutions..... The LGM "Donations from the Cloud" is one the entire community can embrace and benefit from. 

"A rising tide, lifts all boats". JFK.. The LGM Mall has the potential to rise the tide.

Michael Sullivan

Founder, LGM 


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