Local Giving Mall, LLC (LGM) "A Conscious Capitalist" Company that was created and launched January 2nd, 2020, officially, to "Lift One Charity at a Time". 

We have a vision where Charities utilize a secure source of monetary donations not constrained by the available cash their donor base can afford to give. Charities require a stable-constant revenue stream to support their programs, special events, and operating expenses. The Local Giving Mall is positioned to help these Charities create stability and growth by helping online store owners donate a percentage of their sales to their favorite charity. These Store owners are "Doing Well by Doing Good".

With general funding trending down, the timing seemed right to begin this innovative way to raise funds. The LGM has established the term:

“Donations from the Cloud"tm

Yes, the Cloud!

The internet is now the most robust and growing commerce platform available today. People appreciate the value of the internet and continue to utilize this useful tool. A popular way they use the internet is to seek out application sites that provide a way to post classified ads and sell goods to consumers. It is this e-commerce transaction activity that is at the core of the Local Giving Malls, founder's vision.

LGM is an application site that creates an Electronic Mall located in the Cloud (Internet) where people can lease a storefront for just over one dollar per day and list their classified ads. The platform is leased for a monthly fee, only. There are no transaction fees for using the storefront features. Competitors of the LGM like, eBay, Amazon and Bonanza, charge a monthly leasing fee along with several ancillary fees including a Final Sale Commission as high as 15 % of the total order value. LGM is the most competitive platform to list your classified ads when you compare the feature value of the site.

There is only one requirement that we ask our Storefront Owners to do to take advantage of this suite of features offered for free and that is; each Storefront Owner is asked to “pledge a percentage of each sale to their charity of choice." This pledge defines our trademarked “Donations from the Cloud”. These socially responsible merchants have compassion for those that serve and link the sale of their products and services to a cause. The LGM’s platform is designed to automatically distribute the percentage of the sale directly into the account of the charity. The charity will automatically see the donations deposited in their dedicated Stripe account as their loyal donors sell goods in their LGM Storefront. 100% of the pledge donation is electronically transferred directly to the non-profit, at no charge! Yes, FREE! 

In summary, we believe that the knowledge that the LGM exist and is totally dedicated to helping Charities become stable and grow, people will soon realize that the LGM is a socially responsible alternative and elect to set up shop in the mall. Charities will ultimately benefit from the Malls environment where socially responsible people can browse through the mall and have access to learn more about each charity's mission and seek those out that resonates with them. The LGM is designed to help the Charity grow their donor base of motivated merchants that see the value of "Doing Well by Doing Good!" It is our mission to provide the opportunity to promotes "Conscious Capitalism". 

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